Thursday, January 5, 2012

My chastity time lock safe

I use a time lock safe to keep self locked. Helps with temptations. I purchased this a couple of years ago and use it all the time.

The safe was made in Germany (Germans make the coolest stuff!) and it's a little hard to follow the instructions, but I finally got it set and rewrote the instructions so I can understand it a lot better.

You can program up to 10 different times for it to open... for instance you can set it to only allow you to open the safe from 11pm to midnight Monday through Friday, or all days... or even just 1 day per week. I set mine to only open Wednesdays from 11 at night to midnight. A little strict, but it works for me.

There is a backup key unlock in case the batteries go dead, but it hasn't failed on me yet. I keep the keys in my car under the spare tire so it would be inconvenient for me to casually go get.

I hope someone doesn't break into my place and take it thinking I keep valuables in it... lol. They would be bummed and I'd be left without keys!


  1. Hi John,

    this is the same time-controlled safe i use for keeping the keys out of reach!!! Cool to know i am not the only one in this regard.

    Nevertheless: i think we both keep valuables in their - although it might just be a very personal, but very high value...

    Chaste regards,
    Roland alias Keuschling

  2. Hi guys.
    What model/make is it and where did you buy it?

  3. < here's the link. It's in German, but just search on eBay for the product and use Google translate to figure out the differences. I bought mine a couple of years ago and I don't think they carry the same version.

  4. Here is an ebay auction number of a current offer of this manufacturer in english:


    The offer is made by


    just in case one needs to search for different offers by him at any future time, for making search on ebay easier.

    The design changed, but it has still the same functionalities.

    Hope that this is helpful.

    Note: i am not related in any way to this manufacturer, but i am convinced of the quality of his product, as i am also an owner of such time-controlled safe for the described use.

  5. check out the dreamlover chronovault.

  6. Bloody Hell, thank you so much! The $withcomments = 1; is what I was missing. Where did you find that?

  7. Do you know what powers the timer? Any chance you could open the back of the safe door and check?

    It should just be a couple screws holding the back door on. I want to make the investment in this safe, but not if the batteries are going to die quickly.

    1. 4 AA batteries. They lasted a year then I changed them out just to be safe. There is also a hidden key panel just in case.

  8. Do you have any suggestions for someone on a tight budget.
    Freezing key in block of ice is not an option. :(

    1. Hello out there.

      My name is Markus from Germany.

      If you are interested in having a timelocked safe please set up a short message to me, via email to .

      I have developed such a time locked safe by myself.

      See this little pictures here

      My selling price would be 270 US dollars including
      shipping and an english written manual for the time lock :-)

      Just for your information.

      That thing works realls great.

      Thanks for your attention.


      the Developer.

  9. Hi there, is it also possible to unlock at a time you pick at the moment you feel like it?
    So I mean, if I m at home and I want my submissive to unlock so he can take a shower or for a bike ride...
    Is it possible through internetcode to unlock it at that moment?

    I m considdering to get myself a chronovault..

  10. Hey guys,

    I also found this. Not German, but cheaper.

  11. I bought it from this site:
    It's cheaper and perfectly working. The timer is very easy to set, well made.
    Great! What I was looking for.