Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Steel Pleasures Chastity Device w/ PA Fixing

I ordered a "Chastity Device w/ PA Fixing" (wish they had a better name) from Steel Pleasures.

I've got a video on xtube showing it off here:

It's very comfortable to wear... and TOTALLY secure. Very heavy which I find nice and reassuring. No plastic crap... but good luck getting it through a metal detector!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Good Boy ALWAYS Sleeps with his Hands Above the Covers

No touching!

I thought this was hilarious. A blanket chastity. I knew growing up it was considered inappropriate to pleasure yourself at night but somehow my hands would have a mind of their own and I'd wake up with the blanket off the bed, underwear at my ankles and rubbing/feeling every part of my "no no" zone in full view of anyone who would happen to walk in.

Like sleepwalking but sleepwanking... wish I had a chastity growing up or fasten that damn blanket with rope to prevent embarrassing situations!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

PA-5000 full review with pictures

Ok, I received my PA-5000 last night. I haven't had time to give it a full test (which I will be giving in a week or so) but here is what I've found out so far.

Before we get started I just want to reiterate that this thing was cheap, $90 + shipping. So, take what I say with a grain of salt.

The design is very good. There are no rough edges and it seems solid. Lock works smoothly. Not too heavy. 3 PA adapters included but are all the same thickness but the loops are different lengths (more on that in a bit).

I was too excited (yeah, THAT kind of excited) to fit inside the tube so I had to wait... it's even impossible to fit in it while semi erect. I ordered the 1 1/8" sized tube (it's the middle size) without a prior measurement. I think I should have gone with the larger size (not bragging, in fact I feel that I have a pretty small penis).

Once I distracted myself enough I was able to fit inside by rolling my head into my foreskin (or what I have left) jam the tube over it and let it naturally roll out to the other end. Then I pinched the head and stretched it through. Success!

My PA piercing hole was a tad too small so I had to pop in the adapter (I was DETERMINED to get it in!). I'd have to say that hurt worse than getting my first PA piercing... way worse. Make sure you gradually work your way up to a larger PA size before attempting that!

It feels weird while on... but Ive had it on for less than 24 hours. The skin comes out of the slats on the side and it feels weird under clothes where it is exposed... dunno if that will pose a problem. It hurts like hell when I get an erection but I think that is because of the large PA... I'm sure it will start to feel better once it stretches. It hangs nice and is almost unnoticeable under my underwear.

Pissing with it is uneventful. I'm able to stand up and take a piss but towards the end of the stream it can get a little haywire. If you are used to your PA jewelry causing that to happen then it's no big deal. You could probably even use it at a urinal but I'm sure you would get glares from your urinal mates :-p

The most important test though, security. While you may not be able to pull this off, I think ejaculation is possible. I attempted it but my dick hurts from my caveman antics and I was not able to get off. It was just too painful. I think once my PA hole heals up then I'd be able to.

Sleeping... Well I wasn't able to sleep with this thing on last night. 2 reasons. I was REALLY HORNY with this thing on and I was in pain. I pulled it off and jerked off... oops. I need to mail the keys to someone, lol.

Final thoughts? This could be a long term chastity device but I'm not sure. Compared to my Steelworxx, my Steelworxx wins. Cleaning is easier in a tube, if you know how, but with this, your penis is squished inside the tube even when flaccid so you dont have room to clean or apply lotion. With a tube you can wear your normal PA jewelry and even secure them that way.

So, for a toy, this thing is excellent. It's for sure worth the price if you just wanna play around in it. There are better styles out there but if this is the type you want then it's probably the best. I've heard that similar from Loris tubes are not only more expensive (and shipping/customer service issues) but they weigh a lot more which puts a lot of pressure on your piercing and causes it to stretch and cause pain.

I'm open to any questions you guys have. Email me at Here are the pictures

Sunday, July 26, 2009

No escape

For total security I modded my Steelworxx Steelheart to allow a front lock into my PA. This is a little hard to install and quite painful once locked down if the lock is pulled (pinching) but it's fun for short term wear...


Like a kid with a new toy, I must get the PA5000... from the same people that make the cb6000. This is intended for people with PA piercings. Haven't seen too many reviews on this but I must have it. Only $90!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Chastity Piercing

One of the greatest things I have ever modded on my body would be my Prince Albert piercing. I had my frenum pierced at one point but never really liked the look or feel.

One cool thing you can do with a PA piercing for chastity is add a lock:

It also allows you to add a layer of security to almost any chastity via attachments that prevent you from pulling out of the back of the tube. Some companies like Steelworxx carry these for their collection:
I realize I am a chronic masturbator. I have all the classic symptoms. I have been reading the Onania Journal. It's full of interesting stories about guys who masturbate just a little too much. I was laughing until I realized that I, myself, have a "Masturbatory"... basically a whole room devoted to nothing but kink.

Purity Athletic

Check out this (fake) company selling a male chastity device for young athletes. It's hilarious. I found this while searching for chastity belts. It would be cool if it was real. It would look nice under a pair of briefs. This would be the first chastity belt that I've seen that you can wear while being erect. Apparently it would hinder mobility so I doubt if it is suiting for boys playing basketball :-p

Chastity underwear

I found this great pair of underwear that is very fitting! They are from International Jock. It says "Keeper of Secrets, Guardian of Desire" and has a picture of a lock on the front =)

Andrew Christian Style 9014

Excellent chastity fanart

I found this cool image. I've been a huge Harry Potter fan for a while but not to the extent of fanart.

Very cool!

A readers chastity

A reader of my blog recently sent me this:

It is an Aluminum Seed Pod Chastity Cock Cage from Mr S Leather.

Google Patents: chastity

There are some really cool (yet scary) patents out there. Here are some patents from a long time ago to prevent boys from chronic masturbation, rape, and the "mentally retarded from the vices of addictive masturbation":,M1

Chastity device from Mr S. Leather

Mr S. Leather from San Francisco is selling a chastity belt similar to the one I bought from There only seems to be one size and it's more than twice the price I paid for but I know that Mr S sells quality merchandise made in the USA.

I don't know anything about this specific product but based on the image and the dimensions it's for the well endowed (only comes in 1 size) but it comes with extras such as a penis holder attachment and several cockring adapters. Being a local company (to the states) I'm sure the shipping is much quicker.

Another Lori Tube

A visitor sent me these pictures. He wears a Lori Tube which locks through his frenum piercing. Very cool.

Looks like a special bit is used to unscrew this. I wonder if Lori can make one that uses a real lock. Seems like it would be more secure.

Steps to putting on a chastity belt with catheter

One problem a lot of people have with long term chastity is hygiene... Specifically from urination. One tip I have is using an external catheter as a mean of drainage. It really works since some catheters are meant for long term wear (typically less than a week).

I went through many during my year of chaste. Some lasted 1 hour and some lasted weeks. I would recommend a "wideband" style such as the Mentor Freedom Clear LS in a 1 size smaller than normal.

Here is my How To guide on long term chastity (1 week max, clean, repeat):

Step 1 Get and erection (essential to creating good contact with as much surface area as possible)

Step 2 Apply baby powder to the head of your penis (to prevent the catheter adhesive to stick to the sensitive bits.. OUCH!)

step 3 Apply lotion to balls (I use a Vitamin AD cream to prevent moisture buildup under where the top portion of the balls and the tube rest)

Step 4 Clean off powder from shaft and apply catheter.

Step 5 Wait till you get soft

Step 6 Parts

Step 7 Apply locking cock ring

Step 8 Insert tip of catheter through chastity drainage hole

Step 9 Wait... wait... wait to get soft enough to fit in chastity. Being a grower and not a shower is advantageous in this situation.

Step 10 Locked and ready to go