Saturday, July 18, 2009

Keuschheit CB CS-500/A

The Chastity Steel belt for men
series: CS-500 /A

This is going to be my next chastity belt... it's kinda expensive (about $900) but I love the look and I'm sure it would support well. I hate chastity belts that wear like a thong because you could never wear it full time without major concerns for sanitation (unless you spend hours trying to clean it while still wearing it after using the bathroom).

Here is a picture of another model (no open end) with someone wearing one. Anyone have any experience wearing one?


  1. I have the model cs-500a with the cage at the end of the tube. It is comfortable, secure and looks good. Easy to keep clean and i think before long will be wearing it 24/7. My keyholder loves it. Chaste.

  2. Ihave A cs100 like the one in the last picture [closed end]. I could pul out of the tube at an extream flacid state. I asked the makers what could be done to solve this problem. I sent it back and they added chains from the testicle bow to th rear of the belt. this solved the problem. There is absolutely no escape now

  3. I have a CS 100 with hole for PA. I could maybe pull out, I have tried a couple of times without daring go all the way. But there is NO way I could get it back. Next step will be a small padlock from Lustlock through my PA and the lock itself on the outside. That`s 100% escape proof and frightens my like hell as it´s also easy to wear 24/7 all year.


  4. I ordered a CS-500A from stephen at fetish-felix and paid him in full. I then saw these photos here and Emailed stephen with a question, What does the CS-500A belt look like. The CS-500A/cage in the photos here looks nothing like the cage on his website. The cage looks different here. I emailed stephen and asked him what the belt looks like and he cut off all communications with me and will not repsond to my email.


    That is exactly what the cs-500a looks like. Dealing with germans on a regular basis... I can tell you that they don't like when someone doesnt do their research and makes them start over on THEIR dime. I would have paid attention before ordering. you probably just pissed him off

  6. Hi
    Please if you can help me choose my CS belt , and good size, and so on, please contact me many thanks

  7. i started with this basic device but modified it using an adapter plate that i designed to weld onto the plate a "Spiked Cage" chastity tube. You can see the resulting device in my blog here:

    For me this device is especially dreaded / longed for when i am required to perform pussy and ass worship for a prolonged period of time, two or more hours. Ir ia almost impossible for me to not cum during such periods of worship!