Saturday, July 18, 2009

Steps to putting on a chastity belt with catheter

One problem a lot of people have with long term chastity is hygiene... Specifically from urination. One tip I have is using an external catheter as a mean of drainage. It really works since some catheters are meant for long term wear (typically less than a week).

I went through many during my year of chaste. Some lasted 1 hour and some lasted weeks. I would recommend a "wideband" style such as the Mentor Freedom Clear LS in a 1 size smaller than normal.

Here is my How To guide on long term chastity (1 week max, clean, repeat):

Step 1 Get and erection (essential to creating good contact with as much surface area as possible)

Step 2 Apply baby powder to the head of your penis (to prevent the catheter adhesive to stick to the sensitive bits.. OUCH!)

step 3 Apply lotion to balls (I use a Vitamin AD cream to prevent moisture buildup under where the top portion of the balls and the tube rest)

Step 4 Clean off powder from shaft and apply catheter.

Step 5 Wait till you get soft

Step 6 Parts

Step 7 Apply locking cock ring

Step 8 Insert tip of catheter through chastity drainage hole

Step 9 Wait... wait... wait to get soft enough to fit in chastity. Being a grower and not a shower is advantageous in this situation.

Step 10 Locked and ready to go


  1. doesnt your dick get cheesy if you keep that on all the time?

  2. not with periodic proper cleaning!

  3. Wow! I am a married straight male and would love to have this on my cock! Is there anyway that I could wear this during the day so that my wife wouldn't know it. I love to go to the glory holes. would I still be able to use it then?

  4. What's the name of your blog?

  5. I would think this arrangement would be more comfortable if one's gonads were hairless?

  6. I locked in it by my gf.

  7. this posting made me cum today. but that's bad, I guess.