Sunday, January 29, 2012

250,000 views! While this isn't a lot for a lot of blogs out there... this is a big a accomplishment for me.


  1. I think there's this problem that - when you go lookign for reviews - there's no one reliable male chastity device that you can know would work out of the box.

  2. Totally agree but there are some types that work better than others for more people. CB6000 is one that works for most and the full belts from Latowski and Carrara work well. The 6k has lost of adjustment options (essential) and the two belt are individually measured and made ensuring a good and hopefully comfortable fit.

  3. I agree the CB6000 is a popular choice, however there are many interesting stainless steel devices. I think the key to wearing a stainless steel chastity device is by carefully checking the sizes. Obviously the ring size is important but also the cage length and girth. If its too tight then it ain't going to be comfortable for a prolonged period of time.