Saturday, July 18, 2009

Chastity Piercing

One of the greatest things I have ever modded on my body would be my Prince Albert piercing. I had my frenum pierced at one point but never really liked the look or feel.

One cool thing you can do with a PA piercing for chastity is add a lock:

It also allows you to add a layer of security to almost any chastity via attachments that prevent you from pulling out of the back of the tube. Some companies like Steelworxx carry these for their collection:


  1. I have a PA and also use both methods . . . a padlock through the piercing, or a lock through the end of my PA secured at the end of my chastity cage(The Curve). I just always use a gage of steel for the padlock that is way thicker than the gap in the captive bead ring. I LOVE BEING LOCKED UP . . . it drives me CRAZY!

  2. My wife wants me secured. If you have a moment, can you review my blog and help me with some advice? Thanks.

  3. see also the Penicap
    (formerly known as "Peniskorb")

  4. Where do you get sterilized padlocks that fit the piercing from?

    1. You can get them from
      They are pricey, but it's not worth the risk of infections.

  5. Just curious but what is the point of a padlock through the piercing?

  6. I think it's that if he cums, the flow is blocked, so it hurts like hell, so he just won't. Plus, if fidelity is a concern, it's pretty hard to have sex with it on ;)