Sunday, April 1, 2012

Attaining a more realistic buldge

Nice to have a little workshop to hash out ideas on the fly =)
Was working on reverse engineering a Steelworxx tube (to hopefully make my own one day... tsk tsk, yeah I know I'm a pirate) when I had an idea. I had one of those inflatable dildo/buttplug things laying around and thought "This would totally fit on my tube" Well, it didn't, not on mine anyway. I still have that smaller mistake of a steelworxx so I cut the dildo and, with a little lube, stretched it on. Here are the results
A pretty good fit. I had to warm it up using hot water to make it stretch and then I cooled it down in ice-water. It's stuck pretty good. It will take a lot of effort to remove it. Now, this chastity is too small for me to fit in so I had to improvise. I took some random shots in briefs to kinda give an idea of what it would look like.
The rubber goes back enough to cover the integrated locks. I bet someone could pull this off in tight jeans or even speedos. Really wish I could try it out! I'm going to have to find a bigger inflatable dildo! (that's what she said)

Back in Arkansas

So, it's been hectic for me this past month. I've moved back home and back out of an apartment. Spent the last couple of weeks cleaning all the shit my tenants screwed up. The back yard was an absolute mess... much cleaner now. Taking a total break today... I love my back porch. It's totally screened in and private. When it's light out, you can't see in. It's perfect to just lounge in and read a book. Luckily summer hasn't hit yet so I can actually enjoy being outside (with a healthy dose of allergy medicine anyway!).