Monday, November 7, 2011

review by kelmag

Check out this review of the "The Queen's Keep" by Mature Metal.

This blog is very informative and educational. It delves into the psychological aspects of a chastity based sexual relationship with the author and his wife. Great read!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

In Denver? Need chastity advice?

If you are in the Denver area and what to explore chastity, try on some devices, take pointers, find measurements for best fit, pretty much anything... let me know. I'm between Denver and Colorado Springs.

My email is notforayear __@__

Thursday, November 3, 2011

My next purchase

I've been reading up on this device from MH Design. It's very cool looking and with the integrated PA lock (below), could be very secure. I'm just wondering what it will feel like, look like under normal clothes. Anyone have any pictures of someone actually wearing this device?

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

New idea for a giveaway

If you have a blog with at least a some noteworthy posts and few pictures... I'm willing to give away a chastity device for you to review. Must post pictures with it though. Hopefully this works out better than before, grr.

Anyone know of a good harness like this?

I'm looking for a device similar to this with a jockstrap, non-thong style back. Anyone know of a good one?

Saturday, May 28, 2011

My collection...

I know it's been a long time since I posted, but one of my most popular posts was asking if people wanted one of my chastity belts... well a lot of people asked for them and they all had compelling stories. Ultimately I gave away 3 of them to the most needy.... and you know what? I never heard from them again. I asked them to do a review, and they didnt respond. Oh well... Here is the rest of my collection:

Starting with my favorites. These have to be my most favorite purhases, the most expensive, but the best construction, comfort... hands down. The ordering is a little confusing because the guy that makes them doesnt speak the greatest English. Sure, Ive had ordering mishaps, but Dietmar has fixed these for me quickly and with great satisfaction.

You can tell the middle black one (Crossfire mini) is way smaller than the other 2. I couldnt even fit in this, but he corrected the mistake and let me keep it. I just have to find someone with a really tiny dick to sell it to now! The one on my right (Steelheart) was the first chastity I've ever worn... it's the one I went a whole year in. The very left (Crossfire) is my favorite, Ive worn that almost daily for about 2 years now.

I'm not a fan of these, but I love the fact you can peer down into the clear cages. I've got the CB-6000, CB6000s, CB6000 camo, and the PA-5000. These are my play toys, nothing else. Cant sleep in them or go out in public with them comfortably. I don't think Ive gone a whole 24 hours in them.

Here are my runner up favorites. Starting top left and going clockwise we have the Penistentiary, which I'd have to say has the best "bulge enhancement" effect because of how sharply it curves down. When worn under underwear, it looks like you've got a massive dick, lol. It's probably suited for "showers" but can work for "growers" like me. I've had a friend who is a massive 8inch and he fit in it without a problem (although he hated wearing it). There is a round bolt in the back that pinches the base of the penis, gets old after a while, I haven't found a solution to fix that yet. Bending in it is also a chore... it's so long that you cant be as flexible.

The next is a pretty generically named tube from SteelPleasures called "Chastity Device with PA Fixing" it's probably one of the more secure cages but one of the heaviest. The cockring portion is like an actual cockring and all that weight on my balls (especially when they are blue!) is painful. Can sleep in it reliably, but cant walk around in it and do normal every day activities.

Bottom right, also heavy, very cool looking though is the steel cb-3000. I don't know how they haven't been sued for a patent violation, but it looks cool. The construction is pretty piss poor with very sharp edges and a rough unpolished inside. Once you get your dremel tool in there and start grinding away it because comfortable, but its so heavy and bulky, you need a tight jockstrap to hold it up, even then it looks like you are smuggling a baseball down the front of your pants.

Lastly, the Houdini.... Ive seen this all over the place, its very common, but they all share the same design flaw, the tube thickness is way way too thin. Its like a blade almost, and, if you are like me, you don't want a blade that close to your junk. It's so sharp and thin, you cant dull it with anything, it's sliced through a pair of briefs I was wearing. Also, it's really really bad at pinching skin. Looks cool as hell, but it stops there.

The top three here are pretty self explanatory.. if you cant tell, they SUCK. They cost me about $30 a piece and I got what I paid for. Light, poor construction, fragile and pinches this shit out of my ball sack. I hate hinged cockrings.

The bottom 2 are the original Birdlocked and the Bon4. I ended up giving away a mini of each of these because they were just too small. I could barely fit my balls through them, never tucked the penis inside. The regular size, I can fit in, but my penis slides back halfway and it feels on the verge of slipping all the way off. Also, my balls have to breate, when its hot my balls can rash up if they dont breathe properly... the silicone just isnt for me.

Also, the actual belt. This is the only belt I own, I'm not a friend of belted chastity, but I got an epic deal on it. The problem with this is that the cage portion is always pointing out. There is no flex to "point it down" so if i wear it under clothes, it looks like I've got a boner. It's kinda neat lounging around the house and once when I went hiking with it, but it's too noticeable. Also, I sleep on my stomach sometimes and this won't let me.

And here is the champion. It's the Steelworxx Crossfire. It allows me to slip a rubberband inside looped around my PA piercing and keep it from clanging around like a bell. It also allows for high security by having a locking point. It's a bit overkill as I don't need it. I'm usually just self locked, and I'm a pretty damn good self locker.

The steelworxx is the perfect weight and very secure. The integrated lock is a must have addition to the stock cage. I also got the powdercoated paint and the PA lock fixing. I'm hoping to get a Looker 2 one day as well, but I'm sure it will be more of a novelty purchase.

The comfort level is off the chart. I think it's more comfortable wearing this than not having it on. I'm not sure how it can be improved upon other than the price... you can get over $500 easy with the additions. Still a lot cheaper than most belts though.

Pro tip.... tight briefs. I've said it before and I'll say it again. The tightest you can get away with. You can wear them under almost anything without anyone noticing you have a chastity on, even under slacks and a tucked in work shirt. I have a pair Ive owned since my teens and they are the best thing ever. Cotton stretches in all the right places, the pouch is like a cup that cradles my balls and keeps the cage from flopping around. If you have problems with the weight of a steel tube putting pressure on your balls, this is the way to do it. If mens size Small isn't cutting it, go to a boys size large/extra large. The sizes are a bit misleading because it goes from Mens 30 to Boys 16/18, but I assure you it's only fractionally smaller.