Saturday, July 18, 2009

Funniest eBay chastity description ever

Here is his auction...(link is down)

This auction is for: Me and my girlfriends conversation starter/personal toy..We have had this beast for several years and this has always been the talk of our swinger party. My other auction is for a male chastity belt.

However this one is a bit different..The reason I am selling for so much is because I am in need of some surgery and this cash can really be a life saver.. U can wear this armor and walk around your house messing with your kids like robocop..Or act like the terminator, who knows..Lets keep this short..This item is one of a kind and has some history behind it..Happy Bidding..

$15,000 to chase your kids around like Robocop... lol. Hope no one actually tries that! LOL

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