Saturday, July 18, 2009

Purity Athletic

Check out this (fake) company selling a male chastity device for young athletes. It's hilarious. I found this while searching for chastity belts. It would be cool if it was real. It would look nice under a pair of briefs. This would be the first chastity belt that I've seen that you can wear while being erect. Apparently it would hinder mobility so I doubt if it is suiting for boys playing basketball :-p


  1. It should be real, and all boys should be compulsorily fitted with one through their teen years. Great way to introduce youngsters to the benefits of chastity!

    1. I had the experience of what would best be called "encouraged" chastity as an adolescent - about which I have only recently and many years later felt like discussing - but it just happens that not all such "encouragement" should be viewed as "forced" or, indeed, unwelcome. I was never harangued or lectured but had a quite natural inclination not to want to masturbate and was greatly relieved when my growing anxieties about it were taken seriously. I never viewed it as sin, nor was it taken as a character defect. It was discussed only briefly and dealt with. It was long enough ago for medical opinion still to be thought appropriate and I was duly given a little "doctoring" which helped psychologically more than physically, but which did inhibit the habit. This was followed by a few visits for some therapy to increase post-operative keratinization of the glans to dampen things down for me. Devices were not readily on the market in those days, but had they been, I would quite happily have worn one as, indeed, I have been doing in adulthood. It just so happens that not everyone is inclined to see masturbation as a good thing to indulge, however natural a thing it is. It is not so much a problem in itself, but the habit of it, and there are many advantages to an abstemious life.

  2. Yes.. Forcing tubes down their urethras.. I mean it, this is too HOT! Hehe =)

  3. I do not know if this is a joke, but apparently there is a correctional institute that forces it's pupil to wear these. Just read the last two paragraphs:

  4. i want one so bad!