Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Good Boy ALWAYS Sleeps with his Hands Above the Covers

No touching!

I thought this was hilarious. A blanket chastity. I knew growing up it was considered inappropriate to pleasure yourself at night but somehow my hands would have a mind of their own and I'd wake up with the blanket off the bed, underwear at my ankles and rubbing/feeling every part of my "no no" zone in full view of anyone who would happen to walk in.

Like sleepwalking but sleepwanking... wish I had a chastity growing up or fasten that damn blanket with rope to prevent embarrassing situations!


  1. Different subject.....

    I am considering buying the Steelworxx Sweetheart as you have.

    After wearing yours for a year, I'd appreciate some wisdom about conform, proper sizing and any other insights.

    Tks, Bob

  2. Dude, you are seriously fucked (no pun). Really? Self control isn't enough, you need this shit? Wow.

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