Sunday, April 1, 2012

Attaining a more realistic buldge

Nice to have a little workshop to hash out ideas on the fly =)
Was working on reverse engineering a Steelworxx tube (to hopefully make my own one day... tsk tsk, yeah I know I'm a pirate) when I had an idea. I had one of those inflatable dildo/buttplug things laying around and thought "This would totally fit on my tube" Well, it didn't, not on mine anyway. I still have that smaller mistake of a steelworxx so I cut the dildo and, with a little lube, stretched it on. Here are the results
A pretty good fit. I had to warm it up using hot water to make it stretch and then I cooled it down in ice-water. It's stuck pretty good. It will take a lot of effort to remove it. Now, this chastity is too small for me to fit in so I had to improvise. I took some random shots in briefs to kinda give an idea of what it would look like.
The rubber goes back enough to cover the integrated locks. I bet someone could pull this off in tight jeans or even speedos. Really wish I could try it out! I'm going to have to find a bigger inflatable dildo! (that's what she said)


  1. Hi John,
    that's a great idea. The result just looks fantastic. If i would wear a Steelworxx-protector or similar, i would immediately follow your example.
    Chaste regards,

  2. man i would love to wear that thing

  3. Nice job! With my new, smaller Pet Trap I don't have to worry about "showing" at all.

  4. I left a similar comment on your other site, I hope this is ok. I am very interested in learning more about chastity, and finding a place to begin. I am 22 and I would love someone to mentor me a bit, would you be interested?