Tuesday, November 1, 2011

New idea for a giveaway

If you have a blog with at least a some noteworthy posts and few pictures... I'm willing to give away a chastity device for you to review. Must post pictures with it though. Hopefully this works out better than before, grr.


  1. Really not in the market for a used chastity device but if you would like to see a fairly thorough review of the Mature Metal Queen's Keep, with pictures, comparing it to several other devices I have tried, it can be found at:

  2. I'd be interested and would certainly make good on any promises to write a review. My Miss and I had a blog going a few years ago here - http://www.secretchastityhusband.blogspot.com . We also had a toy that has a blog I host here http://sissyslut.realkink.com/ . I would be very willing to provide pictures of the whole review trial.

  3. Would love to be considered for this being unable afford one myself, I have history of reviewing but I am UK based. All I can offer is my word but that for the consideration. I'll give my e-mail if you want to give me a shot and i'll do whats required.

  4. I would love to review a chastity device for you. I have had a blog in the past but I do not want to give the address out in public. I will deffently wright a review you have my word. Email me at nlovlyn+chastity@gmail.com